Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sewng: Home-made Dress from a Vintage Pattern

Hello everyone! Just a short post to show you something I've been working on this week.

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Anywho. A little while ago I had a phase of ordering some vintage patterns and vintage fabric. I managed to get a few bargain things but until recently I had not taken the plunge and actually made anything, that is, until this week!

I made a dress! A whole dress! It even fit me :)

I bought a long piece of fabric (6m x 1.5m) from eBay thinking it would be enough for maybe two dresses and it only cost £6 so it was cheap enough to be able to practice on (although it was pretty so I wanted to make something nice). I chose a Realm pattern, I'm not sure when from but it expect 1950s based on the packaging. It turned out to be fairly simple to make, I think in total I spent about 6 hours on the dress which isn't too bad going.

The skirt turned out to be a little less full than expected but that may be partly because I didn't believe the sizing and sewed the darts a bit bigger than I was meant to. Consequently the dress came out a little bigger than I'd have liked but on the whole it only needs mildly tweaking.

I can't describe quite how proud I am of this first dress, hopefully there will be many more to come (I have already picked out my next pattern and fabric to try).

Have you ever made anything?

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  1. Great first make! You clearly have the knack for dress making! Love the fabric too - I never seem to find any bargains on ebay :(


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