Saturday, 31 March 2012

A Monochrome, Black and White, Flapper Costume for Trailer Trash! Prohibition Speakeasy

For the Trailer Trash! Prohibition Speakeasy I had a strange time trying to decide what to wear and I felt that the main issue I was facing was that age-old dilemma:

Vintage or Costume?

Now I like both of these things a lot (as you may be able to tell from my blog) and while I acknowledge that each has its place in my life this theme provided the unique challenge of a vintage themed costume party.

With so many options to choose from too! From Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot or the glam of speakeasy parties in Boardwalk Empire or Great Gatsby I wasn't left wanting for inspiration. 

In the end I decided on a sort of hybrid costume part of which was a vintage (1980s I believe) black lace dress I have spoken about before here. But to give it a more costume-y feel I decided to accessorise the dress with white tights, white face paint and black and white feathers to try and give the allusion I was a flapper from a silent film.

So to begin with I put my hair up in that faux 20s short style, I then painted my face, neck and the tops of my shoulders using Snazaroo in white. It was quite tricky to get a good covering all over and it was very time consuming! But I think a bit of patience paid off.

I painted over my eyebrows and lips to help keep the covering even and then drew them back on using black eyeliner (special thanks to Mac Fluidline again!). I then painted my lips with a black lipstick from Miss Sporty. I was surprised by how well it lasted but I think this was mainly because of the white base on my lips and the fact I didn’t eat and or drink much (for a really good guide to black lipsticks check out L’s blogpost on the wide array out there).

Coupled with some brogues, black gloves and a string of pearls I thought the outfit was starting to look okay, but for the icing on the cake I made a board in a vague style of the silent movies saying ‘Can I take your picture?’ so I could try and put together an image gallery of costumes for my blog (post to follow soon).

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