Friday, 2 March 2012

Cosplay: London Super Comic Convention - Cosplay Gallery

The London Super Comic Con was a great place for cosplay!

So this will be a fairly wordless post where I have pictures of some of the cosplay I managed to catch on film...
(Feel free to email me if you are in any of these pictures and I can link to a web-profile or twitter etc. or if you want a copy of the picture)

Marvel Cosplay
Marvel heavily dominated the costumes, especially X-Men and Spiderman but it was nice to see quite a few different versions of Captain America and really high quality efforts for the Fantastic Four!

Special mentions go to- Loki for a very well made costume and for keeping in character! Lizard for even adding claws to his shoes, Glactus and The Thing for construction efforts and the Black Cat for managing to walk around all day in those boots! Phew!

Clockwise from top left: Captain America Super Soldier, 1940s Cap, Gambit, Rogue, Mr. Fantastic, Galactus, The Thing, Rogue, Lizard, Black Cat (?), Gentleman Venom, Black Cat, Spiderman, Logan (Wolverine)

Clockwise from top left: Mexican Deadpool, Rogue, Loki, Valkyrie, Scarlett Witch, Jubilee, Winter Soldier, Dare Devil, Rogue, Domino and Deadpool

DC Cosplay
For DC there were quite a few of the typical mix of Harley Quinns, Supergirls, Catwomen and Jokers (although I did not see one Superman!) but some nice appearances of the Earth 2 Flash and some great variations on classic DC and DCnU!

A personal favourite was New52 Supergirl, her costume was spot on and looked fantastic- even the slightly strange boots.

Clockwise from top left: The Joker, Harley Quinn, Earth2 Flash (by Saranga of Pai Blog), New52 Supergirl, Catwoman, Batman, Supergirl, Flash, Cheetah, Wonder Woman and Scarecrow

Other Cosplay
Although London Super Comic Con was mostly DC and Marvel characters, some other well known characters, most pf which have featured in comics at some point showed up too.

It was nice to see someone as famous as Kermit come to visit the convention he was really great and chatted to everyone and was very happy to pose for a picture for me as well as with Stan Lee. I'm not sure if the Brain Slug was technically cosplay but I loved it all the same!

Clockwise from top left: Lara Croft, Stormtrooper, Duke Nukem, Hellboy, Kermit, Brain Slug and She-Ra

My Favourite
Last but not least is my favourite costumes from the event, and ironically, they were the first guys I came across standing in the queue for Stan Lee at around ten minutes after the convention opened.

I think as a group they had all the bases covered, the biggest characters from Marvel, DC and IDW and although they were simply styled costumes a lot of detail had gone into the construction. I loved that each one was a different shape, and how they were all painted in a different style. Lets just face it- these guys were cool!

Left to Right: Optimus Prime, Batman and Iron Man

So that's it for the cosplay gallery, I'll be back later with a little piece about Retro-Cosplay.

Until then...


  1. Yay QPAW / THD!

  2. Hey great post! I see you got loads of pics of X-Men cosplays. Would you mind sending me the X-cosplay pics? I got an X-Men blog ( & am planning to do a post on the London Super Comic Con cosplay. However images for it have not been very easy to find...

    Please do get in touch with me either on my blog or at . And yes, I will be crediting you in the post if you help me. :) Thanks!

  3. Jennie - I was Galactus (my first costume!) and I'll likely be tweeting about my future ones (and random stuff about my life) on @pgrinstead

  4. Hey Jennie! So the post is up! :D You can check it out at-

    Thanks once again!


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