Sunday, 20 October 2013

Costume Review: Official Disney Alice in Wonderland

I've had this costume in the pipeline for a little while but it has taken some time to iron out all the details. I have been working with Fancy Dress for Less who very kindly offered to send me a costume and wig to review. I have loved the Alice in Wonderland stories for a long time and so being able to dress as Alice has been a bit of a fantasy for a while. The only problem is, when it comes to buying Alice costumes, they are usually super short and a little bit too sexy for my liking. So when I found this official Disney version (produced by Rubies official products) one on fancy dress for less, with a slightly longer skirt and a fuller top, it seemed like a good option. I chose a mystique wig in blonde too as I thought that looked closest to Alice's hair.

Take a look, I couldn't resist a bit of cheesy photoshop:

Down the Rabbit hole

A Visit from the Cheshire Cat

Time for tea

Curiouser and curiouser

 Just in case you were unsure of what Disney's version of Alice looks like here is a picture:

It is based very heavily on the sketches from some of the original publications of the book and the blonde hair pouffy blue dress have become synonymous with the character... and that's not even mentioning the Alice band.

So what about the costume itself?
The dress dress came with the head band and the wig was bought separately and I already owned the white tights and black shoes.

The dress is around £30 which is probably about average for an official costume, you can get cheaper, but having the slightly more accurate style is what bumps the price up. I really liked the skirt with the in built petticoat and in general I thought the front of the dress was nice too. It is slightly more modified from the actual alice outfit so it shows a bit more d├ęcolletage, something which seems fairly standard in adult ladies costumes.

From the front it is fairly flattering which is a bonus and it was a size medium and a generally quite generous fit. I found that the fit around the shoulders was a little bit too generous for me however and I needed to pin the sleeves to my bra to keep them in place, but once they were there they pretty much stuck. I did find the little print silhouette on the apron a bit silly, but it blends in quite well with the colour scheme of the dress so its not too alarming.

The headband was quite cute and at ~£10 I thought the wig was a steal it has the quality of several other wigs I've seen that run at the £20 mark so I was quite pleased with that.  

My only real problem with the dress was that I didn't like the back at all. The blue is a different fabric that sort of stretches (the multi size element of a size medium) which I can cope with, but I thought it was cut too low and too wide at the sleeves. This meant it was very difficult to make it stick around my shoulders and not show all my bra. I guess as far as faults go its minimal and if you have bigger shoulders than me it wouldn't be such a problem (I have a really short torso and shoulders compared to my overall size I ALWAYS have problems with strappy dresses!).

Anywho, this would be an easy fix by simply not having photos taken from behind. It's not the most flattering angle anyway.

What do you think of the Alice dress? Oh! and are you planning anything fun for Halloween this year?


  1. You are adorable, and I love that you have so much fun with costumes! I always feel inspired by watching movies but I don't always go to the lengths that you do to make those outfits come to life. Your blog is quite creative :)

    x. jill

    1. Aw! Thanks a lot. I hope to keep getting better at it all the time :)

  2. omg I LOVE this! Alice is my favourite Disney character by far. You look amazing as her! xox

    1. I think Alice is an amazing character, I've always liked the books too. I think I've had a fixation on blue dresses most of my life because of her...


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