Friday, 4 October 2013

Princess Daisy Cosplay Construction

Now that its October I thought I could mention a bit about costumes for this month. I am going to MCMExpo and I am wearing my Sailor Mars costume on the Sunday. On the Saturday however I am going to be dressing as Princess Daisy from the Super Mario game franchise.

I have always loved the Mario games, and have especially had a soft spot for Luigi and Daisy so this costume seemed like a natural choice for me, especially given that I am a natural brunette. Here is the picture I have been working off to give you some idea:

I ordered the fabric online and cut all the pieces. I based it loosely on a vintage pattern and adjusted the length, added sleeves and the frills to the skirt and waist.

Bodice construction with the addition of a collar:

Testing the fit once I added the sleeves:

Here is where I am right now, the dress is mostly complete but a few touches need adding like the jewel on the bust (sorry for the goofy face...).

Its been quite an undertaking, but actually it was a really pleasure to sew! I would really reccommend poly cotton for costume construction as it is so cheap and really easy to sew. It only cost me £7 for the entire 7 m of fabric I used. The underskirt was £2.50, a total steal from eBay, so the foam I bought for the crown is actually one of the more expensive pieces of the costume.

I won't be posting any more pictures of the costume as I am saving it for MCM Expo and want it to be a surprise but do let me know what you think so far.

Are you making a costume or dressing up for Halloween?

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