Thursday, 24 October 2013

Wearing a Vintage Cape

So capes are kind of in right? I keep seeing things about 'how to wear capes' popping up around the web. Okay, maybe it was one article on British Style Bloggers but still. Capes. Yes.

Being a huge fan of super heroes I, of course, adore a cape. It can be a shiny red satin one, a long black flowy one or a little red riding hood one. I don't care. They're all good.

Well boy was I in luck! On the way back from Pickering my husband and I stopped off in York to do a little charity shop browsing and I wasn't having a lot of luck. Then I visited Sue Ryder. I adore the Sue Ryder in York, they have a whole upstairs floor dedicated to vintage! It is mostly stuff from the 60s-80s but occasionally there is something a bit special in there.


I clocked the vintage cape right away. Its bright blue colour was just my thing and I thought the detail around the clasps was gorgeous - AND IT HAD A HOOD! The only slight downside was that there were no little arm holes, but it was in such great condition and such a vibrant colour that I simply had to have it. It cost £20.

Wandering around on a rainy day in the park made me feel a lot like little red riding hood. But you can probably tell that from the pictures. The cape was surprisingly warm and it is beautifully made, although obviously by hand. The silver lining is beautiful.

Cape: Sue Ryder
Dress: eBay (not sure the brand)
Jumper and Tights: Atmosphere
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Sue Ryder

I had a bit of a search around and the closest patterns I could find for a cape like this were from the 70s or the 40s... quite a leap there. If you have any idea when it could be from then let me know as I would be eager to find out. I do think it looks older than the 70s though.

Blue and mustard is a favourite colour combination of mine, and it turns out there is a bit of a colour block trend going on too and I think that outfit works for that too. Not that I usually look at what's in, it just happens to match up this time :)

Didn't stop me from getting some very weird looks on the street though. 


  1. That cape looks awesome! Lovely colour!

    1. Thanks! The colour was the main reason I bought it, that sort of bright blue is my favourite :)

  2. It's amazing! I had a vintage cape whilst I was at uni, it was a lovely maroon collar with a peter pan collar and I adored it. I had to sell it when I got too poor though : (


    1. Oh no!!! I sell things on a lot to fund my shopping habit, but there some things I'd never want to sell. Sometimes you just don't have the luxury though :( There are things I miss too...

  3. This cape is adorable and the coloring is so vibrant! It could possibly be closer to the 40s because of the buttons/detailing and most capes I've seen from the 70s are more like ponchos (but who knows). And thank you for following my blog, I'm already in love with yours! :)


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