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Hi there, my name’s Jennie and I’m a bit of a mixed bag of stuff.

I like clothes, vintage, costumes, comics, movies, books, science, manga, music, dancing, cooking and much much more.

This blog started as a place to keep notes on my inspirations for fancy dress costumes but has expanded to cover the many inspirations in my life – but in particular geeky fashion, costuming and retro styling. Occasionally I cover other things like, but not exclusively - restaurants, food, baking, sport, events and a fair bit about movies and tv shows.

I recently became a mother to a lively little girl called Elizabeth. She will occasionally make an appearance as I write about my adventures with her and my journey of getting back into my pre-pregnancy wardrobe.

Dressing Fancy
This is the motto of my site, and in some ways my life. I love clothes, and find them to be a great way of representing who you are and your interests. I try to think carefully about what I put together to wear and take a lot of inspiration from the retro-looks of the 20th century. You'll usually find me wearing some form of tea dress... I am also a lindy hopper so take a lot of joy in dressing for vintage themed dance events.

Fancy Dress
I am a huge nerd! I love comics (particularly DC), movies and video games so the fancy dress element of the blog comes from my love of nerdy dressing up. I enjoy fancy dress events and comic-con and relish any opportunity to sew bits of fluff onto t-shirts and cut holes in things in aid of making a costume. I try my best to update regularly on the progress and inspirations of new costumes and of course the finished outfits!

Other writing
I also write regularly for Den of Geek and am there resident comic-book-girl but you can find out more about that here.

My day job
I have a PhD in molecular genetics and I teach science to (un)willing youngsters.

If you have any comments or queries I'd love to hear from you!
If  you are interested in advertising on my blog or have some kind of collaboration in mind feel free to contact me on twitter @JennieDresses or Instagram @FancyDresscapades

Below is a list of my published articles:
Handing Down Vintage - Her Vintage Life Magazine November 2014
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New52 Superman Gets a New Romance - August 22nd 2012
Spandex: Fast and Hard Review - June 29th 2012
Gwen Stacy and the Amazing Spider-Man - June 25th 2012
Alan Moore vs the World in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century 2009 - June 19th 2012
Mutant and Proud- Northstar Gets Married - May 24th 2012
The Ladies of Avengers Comics - May 3rd 2012
Night of Owls Claims Batman - April 10th 2012
Mirror Mirror Review - March 27th 2012
Carol Danvers: Just Another Captain Marvel - March 22nd 2012
DC Spins A New Fairytale In Fairest - March 4th 2012
London Super Comic Convention 2012: Weekend Round Up - February 29th 2012
Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne Review - February 21st 2012
Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre - February 7th 2012
Inadvertent Major The Dark Knight Rises Spoiler From DC Comics? - January 14th 2011
DC Comics Trademarks New Company Logo - January 14th 2011
A clue to the Identity of New 52's Hooded Woman - January 11th 2011
The Rise and Fall of Harley Quinn - December 20th 2011
Where to Begin Reading Batman - December 9th 2011
The Changing Role of Women in Comic Books - November 10th 2011
Looking Back at Jurassic Park - October 23rd 2011
The Changing Face of Catwoman in the Movies - September 29th 2011
London's MCM Expo: Bringing Cosplay to the Masses? - June 7th 2011

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