Sunday, 12 October 2014

Vintage Reproduction: A mustard sweater girl

I wrote a post a while back about my desire to be a sweater girl, to rock that distinctive bust shape with a lovely jumper (you can read about it here).

Well I did quite a bit of bra research and I wound up buying a Triumph Doreen bra. A bra that was actually recommended to me by my grandmother many years ago and at the time I thought, pah frumpy granny thing. After actually going to try one on however, my opinion quickly changed. Somehow this bra created the look I wanted that I had never quite manages with a What Katie Did bullet bra, and so much more comfortable (and you know this bra must be good when Retro Chick also discusses her appreciation of the Doreen bra here).

Top thrifty tip, these bras quite regularly come up on eBay, so if you have the time to wait you can probably get one for around half the shop price, but I would recommend trying one on to make sure you have the correct size.

Now that I had the perfect lift and separate shape I wore a monsoon jumper with a lovely cable knit design and a navy wrap skirt from London in the Collectif sale (it was only £10, how could I say no!). I think navy and mustard is my favourite colour pairing at the moment so I was very pleased with how this look turned out.

Finally I added a pair of Hotter Charleston shoes (pah, granny bra, granny shoes... I'm officially an old lady). These ones are super comfy and I got this pair form eBay for only £7!

What I will say however, is that with this type of bra you must have good posture and stand up straight otherwise the pointier style ends up looking a bit off... or maybe that's just me :S

So my fringe is still in that really weird half growy outy phase, which is rubbish if I'm completely honest, but I am slowly but steadily accumulating hairstyles that seem to work with a dodgy fringe. This one is a sort of suicide roll inspired bumper bang, to make up for the lack of hair I used a filler to create the volume. I think it worked pretty well :D

Sweater/jumper: Monsoon
Skirt: Collectif
Shoes: Hotter
Bra: Doreen

Have you found any good bras that give a retro silhouette?

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  1. I too love Navy with Mustard!! I love it also with gray!


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