Monday, 6 October 2014

Vintage outfit: Lotta from Stockholm clogs and a 1960s dress

Oh em gee! I adore clogs, in almost all forms. I already own a few pairs of Lotta's clogs and I couldn't help myself but jump at the chance to review another pair.

Since the weather is changing and getting colder everyday, I decided to go for a style that would be useful for the changing seasons. I went with the closed toe highwood T-bar in navy as blue is one of my must have colours. The plan was that with this style I could wear the clogs bare legged, but also with tights in a range of colours ready for the winter (Lotta's blog also thinks this is a good fashion choice).

So on an autumn-y day I decided to take my new clogs for a spin with some tights that I can only really describe as mustard. Clothing wise I went with a blue dress from the late 1960s with a peter pan collar. I've had this dress for a little while, but it was a touch too snug when I first got it, and since loosing a few pounds it now fits pretty nicely (although the belt is very fragile!). I think this will look lovely with a thick mustard cardigan as the weather gets even colder.

Mind you, I'm pretty sure, these clogs could go with anything.

As for the clogs, I've had retro peep toe low clogs, braided summer high clogs and super comfy soft sole clogs, so I thought it was worth the risk to try a higher heeled pair.

To my absolute delight, these are the best fitting clogs I've had yet! I wore them all day at work and for a stroll around town, straight out the box, and there were no blisters in sight!

The leather was lovely and soft and even with wearing them all day there was no dye transfer to my tights.

I was slightly concerned about the higher heel and width as the braided pair I have were quite difficult to get on with at first as they were so narrow, but there were not such issues with this pair, like a glove from day one. I wouldn't recommend the high pairs if you have very wide feet, but they are pretty roomy for normal and narrow footed folks (and if you have wider feet the low clogs are perfect for you).

The heel height is just about right with a bit of a platform to make it more comfortable, but I actually didn't have any trouble at all with the heel which is unusual for me.

The thing that I love so much about clogs is that they can help to complete an outfit and can make it look quite vintage. I can see why Lotta's and Hasbeens are very popular with the vintage girls. If you want to browse Lotta's click the button in my sidebar to take you to their site. 

The highwoods are a great pair of starting clogs if you're okay with a bit of a heel and they come in two part, t-bar and peep toe so they have every style and almost all colours you could possibly want. I'm after some more t-bars in a purpley colour, but I think for summer next year it will have to be some of the apple green peep toes too. I'm so addicted!!

Clogs: Lotta from Stockholm
Tights: Primark
Dress: Vintage
Bag: Vintage
Alice Band: Accessorize

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