Sunday, 5 October 2014

Cosplay: Zelda from Skyward Sword Construction

Hello everyone, I thought that since Halloween is coming up you might like to see how I made my Skyloft Zelda costume?

This is the picture I used for reference:

I initially wanted this costume to be a quick construction so I took a ready made M&S skater dress I found in a charity shop and started working on embellishments. I ordered 10m of 1cm thick yellow ribbon to make the designs around the arms, skirt and chest. This turned out to be a much bigger job than I imagined. I had to sew both sides of the ribbon to give it an even finish and it was hours of intricate sewing! Here it is part way through the process:

Here it is completed:
Next I had to start working on the buckle and parts of the circle belt. I made the blue gems using a hand coloured paper backing and square clear resin cabochons. I glued these to craft foam and then painted them using gold and silver acrylic paint.

It took 4 coats, and three days to fully dry.

Next I had to make the sash and sail cloth. Both items have the same bird design on them so I took the time to make a template so that I could paint the fabric. This took two coats. I made the sash using double sided plain polycotton which I topstitched a light blue trim around the outside. It was fairly simple, I only had to cur two squares and three rectangular pieces, sorry I didn't take more detailed pictures of that part!

I used nylon thread to sew the circles on to an existing belt to create the ring belt and I used a long strio of brown poly cotton to create the top of the sash. This worked pretty well as it gave the belt a solid anchor without being very visible. Although it was slightly difficult to work with.

The whole project took longer than I expected, but equally, the end result was far better than I expected too :)

Here it the finished costume:

You can see more of it here.

What are your plans for Halloween?!


  1. Great costume! My favorite kind of costume is the type where you just add on to thrifted clothes because it means less sewing headaches, lol.

  2. That looks great!

  3. Great job! You look fantastic! I like how you added Zelda's details/accessories too!


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