Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Summer Princess Daisy Cosplay Costume

I went to the Street Pass Brighton event a few weeks ago and I decided to dress for the occasion (you can read more about the event here). Since they were playing Mario Kart 8, I thought it would be a great change to get out my Princess Daisy costume again. The only thing is, that dress is big, it has poofy sleeves, its long and its all round too warm.

So I decided to make a summer version of my Daisy dress, a somewhat toned down version that I would be able to wear without dying of heat exhaustion.

I took inspiration from two of Daisy's looks. Mainly this fan picture showing her shorter dress and the top and shorts combo from all the Mario sports games.

I took the pattern I made for the other Daisy dress and widened the neckline and added binding to the arm holes instead of adding sleeves. I also did a flared gathered skirt rather than one with knife pleats to give it a bit more of a swishy fullness. I tried to make the orange trim a little more subtle as well by using a ribbon rather than making a full ruffle.

I used the same earrings, gloves and crown from the previous costume.

It was such a beautiful day, just windy enough to not be unbearable, and swishy enough to get some nice photos showing how swishy the skirt is. The band stand on the sea front is a lovely regal backdrop too!!

We also tok a few photos on the beach itself. We had to wait for it to be quiet enough, but eventually...

I have to say, walking around Brighton dressed as a princess was pretty fun! I think I want to have a go at a Disney princess costume too soon. Until then...


  1. Fantastic! You look great and I like the combination of Daisy's different looks.

    1. Thanks, I worry sometimes about going a bit off piste with costumes, but I think I got away with it this time :)

  2. Your costume is super cute! Great job! :D I'm a follower now because your style is wonderful!

    1. Thank you!!!! And thanks for the follow, I followed you too, I loved your post one the GoodWill Outlet. I wish we had something like that in this country!


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