Saturday, 7 June 2014

A Monsoon Dress in London Town

I went on a visit to London a few weeks ago as my parents were visiting for the long weekend. Since we've been getting the first batches of warmer weather I chose to wear one of my favourite dresses.

This blue and white number of from Monsoon, and the blue and white print has always made me think of those china patterns on plates (which my mum had some of when I was young so there is probably a nostalgia thing going on there). The dress is a 50s style prom shape that was really in circa 2012. My favourite thing is that it has pockets too which is the best place to put your phone.

The scarf came as a sort of 'gift wrap' from Lush and the cardigan is Laura Ashley, its not quite the right colour for this dress, but you know occasionally too much matchy matchy is not a good thing.

The shoes are my old lady Hotter shoes. 

I think these are my favourite glasses at the moment, I love the slight cat-eye shape and I adore browline in pretty much any form. I have them in blue and pink but I think the blue is a bit more versatile, maybe...

Having a little fun with some perspective shots... not all shots worked...

We also went on the Emirates Air Line cable car across the river. It was an amazing view! Please note my hand clutching the side of the car. I don't do so well with heights...  

Dress: Monsoon
Cardigan: Laura Ashley
Scarf: Vintage via Lush
Shoes: Hotter

Have you been on the Air Line? Its definitely worth a go!


  1. Love the dress. Very 'blue willow'.

    1. I think that's why I was drawn to it, my mum had some plates in that set when I was a kid :)


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