Friday, 20 June 2014

Spring to Summer Florals: A One Pound Vintage Dress and a 99p Vintage Hat

A few weeks ago I was trawling my favourite charity shops and I came across this dress. Now, I'm usually quite against 100% polyester clothing as a rule, but I really lived the vibrant print on this dress and I thought the button across neckline was something different to the style I usually go for. The thing is though, the dress had a couple of split seams so the lady in the shop decided she would sell it for £1!

How could I not get it?!

Even better than the £1 dress was this hat that I got off eBay. For 99p. It is hard to find a good black vintage hat, especially a summer one, but this on was able to tick my boxes. 

I don't know if you've noticed but it seems that jelly shoes are the latest in thing but I'm not sure that any of those clunky 90s style ones that are so ubiquitous at the moment were for me.

What I do have, however, are these Vivien Westwood/Melissa flats that I got for my Princess Daisy costume back in October. They are soooo comfy and water proof so they are a perfect alternative to the clunky jelly shoes. Mine came from eBay and because they were second hand and from an auction ending at a really silly time, I managed to get them for a steal at £15!!

I thought with the bright floral look I was doing a pretty good job at blending in with the flowers around the park... sort of...

And finally:
How much grey hair do I have?! It is simply not right that someone under 30 should have this much... How long before I start to look like a badger?

Dress: Hospice in the Weald
Vintage Hat: eBay
Bag: Sue Ryder
Shoes: eBay

What do you think, a whole outfit for under £25!

What's your best thrifty outfit?


  1. lovely look! i usually hate polyester for the same reason, but this is seriously cute.

    1. Thanks, oh polyester, I seem to love or hate it, I think the print won this dress over for me.

  2. That dress fits you like a glove! Way to make it work. Lovely.

    1. Thank you, I was pretty relieved to find that it fit when I got it home, but I suppose for £1 it was worth the gamble.

  3. What a sweet dress! I love the print!

    1. Yes me too :) Its soooooooo 80s, but I love it anyway.


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