Monday, 5 March 2012

Cosplay Costumes: LSCC Retro Cosplay or RetCos

After the efforts I made for Saturday’s cosplay at the London Super Comic Con I decided to take it easy on Sunday and wear something a little less costumey that combines two of my favourite things- Retro/Vintage and Cosplay.

The idea was initially sparked by my fiancé, CJ of @Wintriguing, who not having the time or spare cash to buy a costume for the event decided to attend the convention as someone he already looked like and had the clothes for – Rick Jones, Captain Marvel’s onetime sidekick.

“A retroactive costume or retcos is dressing like a character that resembles you, rather than trying to look like someone completely different to you.”

And quite a good job at it he did :D

CJ... or Rick Jones?

Anywho I have since learned from this article that this kind of thing is called ‘closet cosplay’ by those in the know as it refers to making a costume from clothes you already own.

Of course the term retro-cosplay could  have other implications! I have noticed that as part of the continuing trend of cosplaying as alternate universe versions of characters - I have seen a lot of vintage versions of characters. A particular favourite of mine is this photograph, taken by Heather F, of an all lady version of the Batman rogues gallery dressed in vintage suits. It’s quite impressive!

My outfit
I was recently told by L. at the ZOMG! Bloggers Bash that with my hair I should dress as Rogue from the X-men. Rogue has had several costume changes during her time but she has always been famous in the comics for her blonde streak and green costume- in particular her costume from the 90s Jim Lee design that was featured in the X-men cartoon.

Left- Jim Lee's designs for Rogue in the 90s and Right: Terry Dodson's vintage marvel ladies

Inspired by Terry Dodson's vintage images of the Marvel ladies I felt like Rogue got a poor deal being reduced to the ‘bell boy’ in the image so it would be great fun to pose as a vintage rogue.

To start with I chose a green polka dot dress from Next, I bought this off eBay for a measly £7 about 4 years ago and I love it as it has a slightly ‘wiggle dress’ style and with the polka dots it has a very vintage day dress feel.

I then did vintage style make up with a pale complexion and a 50s flick eyeliner (good ol' Mac again) and red lips provided by RockalilyRockette Red. I then swept my hair up into two large victory rolls on the front of my head to emphasis the colour of the streak as much as possible. I also added a flower to add a bit more of a girly feel (and to cover a slightly dodgy area of pins at the back of one of the rolls).

With that all I needed was some seamed stockings and some classic Rogue gloves to make sure I didn’t drain anyone with my terrible touch.

I must have done something right as I received several compliments during the day.

And that's it. A bit of a lazy effort really but it was still fun!

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