Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Vintage and Sewing: A Tale of Two Skirts (One Home-made, One a Bargain)

Hello folks! I thought today I would share some skirts. The first is a gorgeous full heavy skirt I got from a thrift shop in York. It was little more than a warehouse filled with bags of dusty smelling clothes, some on hangers, some in large bin bags, unsorted and unlabelled. However the sign outside stated 'All vintage 3 for £5' so I really couldn't not have a rake around.

This skirt is one of my 3 for £5 bargains, and it has no labels or sizes but my Mum says it looks familiar to her so based on the fit I would guess very late 80s or early 90s but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. It has a sort of tapestry style pattern in lovely blues and creams and the heavy lined fabric is simply perfect for the winter.

I teamed it with a classic short mac style coat (a hand me down from my Mum) and some little black boots. Unfortunately even though the colour of the mac was perfect to match, it is not very thick so I needed to wear a massive cardigan underneath making the fit a bit less... flattering. 

My walk into town also proved super useful as I recently started reading the A Song of Ice and Fire Books (since I can't wait for the TV show to find out what happens to the characters!) and WHSmith currently have them on offer 3 for £12 so I have been a busy little book worm.

The second skirt I want to mention is the other thing that has been eating up all of my time. SEWING!!!!

I'm addicted.

I have a pencil skirt from Vivien of Holloway but I managed to bust out of the back seam back around christmas time and I havent yet repaired it. Upon inspection I took careful noted of how the pieces fit together and designed my own pattern pieces so that I could make a pencil skirt of my own.

Here is my first attempt. I used some of the leftover dress fabric since it was so cheap, but in the end I don't think I did a bad job - it took me about 4 hours in total which I thought was pretty good going. Maybe I'll be on the Great British Sewing Bee next year (once I develop a lot more skills... are you watching by the way?).

My next sewing task is a similar skirt to this, but in a thicker black fabric as I plan on dressing as Michelle from 'Allo Allo next week. I've not even started yet so I'm pushing it for time... Oh well, I work best under pressure anyway.

Bye for now!


  1. talented scientist, promising tailor....looks very succesful, carry on....

  2. Nice skirt! I need to start sewing again- I prefer to make household things and toys, might branch out into clothes!


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