Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sewing: A Purple Dress Made With Vintage Laura Ashley Fabric and Birthday Spoils

Time to unveil another of my sewing project creations, this time it was a purple dress made from vintage Laura Ashley fabric. I used a Butterick pattern that was fairly simple despite having pockets, binding and a full skirt, I picked the variation with sleeves but I like the style so much I am probably going to make another without sleeves too in a different fabric.

I made this one in an evening and day, which I though was pretty good going! There are a few niggles with my sewing technique but in general I found it much more comfortable than the first one I made so maybe I am getting better! I wore it with a navy cardigan for a trip out although it is still freezing so I needed to wear chunky boots which somehow means that the whole thing looks a little bit 1990s:

I really really like the fit and style of this dress so I will definitely be making it in another fabric. I also think that with the addition of a simple waistband this would make a really ice full skirt - with pockets - I love pockets!

It was also my birthday this week and with my hair growing steadily more and more dishevelled I felt the need to experiment with proper hair styling. So after a little bit of research I decided to use my birthday money to buy a pair of these gorgeous GHDs in a mint green colour from the candy collection...

Of course I decided to experiment. Now I didn't take a before shot (thank goodness) but here is the after styling shot. I went for the sleek on top, curly at the bottom look. What do you think? 

Do you have any top tips for using straighteners?


  1. Your hair is adorable!
    Also, that dress is amazing! I am jealous of your skills, I'm making a dress and it is definitely taking longer than a night a day.


    1. My first effort took MUCH longer than this one! Keep at it, you'll get there with it - I can't wait to see :)

  2. Lovely dress, I am just in the process of finding my nans mannequin and hopefully over the summer i'll be making my own dresses! Great ghds too, I love that colour, thought I wanted a new pair of yellow ones but now I'm torn!


  3. Wow! That dress is lovely, love the fabric, and I'm loving it with the boots too! xx


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