Sunday, 7 April 2013

Casual Cosplay: Zombies Ate My Neighbours

Hello there! Lets jump right into it. Lysanne, friend of mine works on a retro games podcast called Retrograde where her and her fellow game geeks play through old school games and review them for your aural pleasure.

The latest installment is an early 90s game called Zombies ate my neighbours. I won't really go into the game here, if you want more info on that you can listen to the podcast here, but Lysanne set me a challenge - could I do an outfit inspired by one of the games characters.

Well, to quote Barney Stinson, Challenge Accepted!

There were no real rules, simply that I could choose any character from the game and that I had just under a week to assemble a costume in whatever form.

Zombies ate my neighbours has an awesome retro vibe so typical of that time period when 80s was changing to 90s and big trainers, hair and baseball caps were all in style.

Its tough to find much original art from the game but I did find this 50s horror comic inspired fan art by crowbrandon on deviant art!

The character I decided to have a go at dressing as is Julie, the girl in the shorts and baseball cap, and in hindsight this may have been a silly decision since I didn't have any of the correct clothing and with so little time it was going to be tough - whoops.

I needed to put something together, and managed to get, I think, the right kind of look, if slightly the wrong colours:

I put together a pair of shorts with a white top, a burgundy jumper, socks and trainers, which you you can't really see, but you can see here. The cap was my brothers and came from the olympic village in London, so it wasn't really appropriate, but I tried to solve the colour problem a little but tying a red scarf around the top. It has definitely ended up being more of an inspired by look rather than cosplay, but with such short notice I don't think I did a too bad job.

If you feel like you want to challenge me to a outfit post I'd love to hear from you! I always love a challenge.

Bye for now!


  1. Ah damn! I wish my friends were cool enough to set awesome challenges like this!

    L. Figment


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