Saturday, 16 March 2013

Review: Geek-Chic Hi-Tops

Here is a little post to show you something cool, and tell you it fits in with some up and coming projects I am planning.

A little while ago I was sent some really awesome Hi-Top shoes by Skechers (courtesy of Barratts) that are part of their really cool Hi-Top section (yes they have a whole section on hi-tops!). Now for me trainers are usually just shoes for running in and I don't really understand people who wear running shoes in their everyday lives. But to me hi-tops are something different. They are a really cool throwback from the 1980s and so many of the new pairs are really feminine and have handy features like a hidden heel (just like the ones I got).

The shoes I chose were the SKCH Plus 3 that have a hi-top style but also a disguised hidden 3 inch heel, a little height is something I always appreciate. They have a really neat retro vibe and I have big plans for these shoes!

Unfortunately I am having a little trouble sourcing items for the outfit I have in mind, but I was so keen to tell you about the trainers I thought I'd post anyway.

I also secretly have a lust for these red ones too.

Anywho, I am planning on one Daily Dresscapade with these shoes, but the other thing I am planning involves painting myself green...

You may laugh now but the next conference is not for a while, I've got time to make sure I am in shape... and you all know how I love making leotards! Let's face it, I share quite a lot of Jennifer Walters name too so it seems only fair that I should pay tribute to She-Hulk somehow, oh and of course she's an awesome character - especially in this run.

Anywho that's all for now!

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