Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Outfit of the day: A Bargain Charity-Shop Tea Dress and a Bit of Game of Thrones Hair

The other weekend I went to stay for a long weekend with my husband in Scarborough (yeah... we still don't live together, can I get a collective awwwwww?) and we managed to finally steal away a bit of time together.

What that also meant was that I had a bit of time to explore some unfamiliar charity shops (always an exciting opportunity). One thing I found was this lovely little dress - I got it from the British Heart Foundation for £7.99 and it is a retro tea dress from M&S. Its tough to date, but I think early naughties from the look of the labels  It is a really nice drapey fabric and has a cute floral ditsy print which is always a favourite of mine. Typically I have a lot of trouble with shirt buttons fitting but I was really pleased to find that the the top of this dress was quite roomy and the final touch of a little belt to take in the waist and its fit pretty much perfectly.

Unfortunately the weather was pretty foul and we ended up trapped in the house for most of Sunday. What we did get time for was a bit of catch up on Game of Thrones a TV show I am still amazed that I like... Anywho, in a bit of a rush I plaited my hair in an attempt at a Daenerys Targaryen inspired do. I was pretty messy and I'd really like to have another go at a neater more elaborate style, I just need a bit more time!

What do you think?

On Monday I travelled home via York rather early in the morning and found that it was really empty and quite snowy, it was so pretty!!

Thats it for now! I hope everyone else is holding up okay in this awful weather.


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