Monday, 4 March 2013

Casual Cosplay: Cath Kidston tea dress and an outfit inspired by The Edge of Love

Taking a little break from cosplay today with an outfit post inspired by one of my favourite films - from a purely costume and style point of view.

With a day off at the weekend and some unexpectedly nice weather I decided to take the chance to relax in a nice tea dress and a cosey jumper. The style I was aiming for was something similar to the seaside and country scenes from the film The Edge of Love starring Sienna Miller a s Keira Knightley. Set in the 1940s, it is the story of poet Dylan Thomas and his mixed up love life with his friend and his wife. As a film it is okay, but some if the outfits are simply gorgeous - there are pencil skirts, beautiful dresses and casual tea dresses.

My favourite look from the film is the chunky cardigan-tea dress-welly boots combo the ladies wear at the beach. You could have probably worked this out for yourself if you've seen my blog before. In general I am a big fan of the floral tea dress but these days it is tough to get a good reproduction in a vintage print. There is also the problem with skirt length, skirts are shorter these days and a super-mini tea dress like those worn in the 1990s (I'm thinking of Shannon Doherty's character in  Mallrats...) and they just don't suit my legs.

My tea dress was a rather good find on eBay (as always) and was made by Cath Kidston. Lucky me managed to win the dress for the fairly £15!

The jumper is a from the Republic closing down sale and cost £10 a d it feels pretty luxurious and I simply loved the burgundy shade I thought it was perfect in colour!!!

Finally the dress was coupled with a pair of blue tights and cherry Doc Marten's. The docs are amazing as they have a fleece lining that is lovely and warm!

So that's it for today, do you know anywhere that sells really good tea dresses?


  1. I have a few - I tend to pick mine up in charity shops. I am quite short which is an advantage for them not being mini-mini on me, even if designed as such.

  2. I want to find a good tea dress (or several).. I had a great leopard print one but it got worn out. :( I want a replacement.

  3. I have a few tea dress inspired dresses *that was a mouthful hahaha* and I'm off to a blizt party tonight and will be wearing one of the them (that's how I came across your blog-I was searching 1940's tea dress looks hahaha)

    Tanesha x


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