Monday, 11 March 2013

Cosplay Costume: Gwen Stacy Cosplay at the London Super Comic Convention

Here is the tale of my second day at London Super Comic Con. It was an odd old day, at least 4 or 5 people pointed at me and shouted 'You're dead!' I was possibly flirted at by an in character Kaine Scarlet Spider and was given a hug and some sneaky information by Spider (among other things) -legend Dan Slott.

This was the day I spent dressed as Gwen Stacy, the deceased one-time leading lady of the Amazing Spider-Man.

Gwen is especially famous and tragic as she is one of the few comic book characters who has really stayed dead. The Night Gwen Stacy Died is a really moving read and a comic classic from the early 70s and if you're a fan of superhero tear jerkers this one is amazing.

Any who enough about the life of Gwen. If you want to know more I wrote a more in depth article a little while ago for Den of Geek and you can read it here.

Gwen Stacy is an iconic character from the 1960s and 1970s and her style is very reflective of that. She is commonly seen in tall boots, a mini skirt and trench coat and her blond hair is cut in a very 60s style and worn with a classic alice band. This styling was also seen in the latest Amazing Spider-Man movie where she wore short skirts and long socks.

My outfit was something I put together after searching charity shops etc. with all the crafty work I put into my Star Sapphire costume I wanted something more relaxed for the second day of the conference. I wore my blonde Sookie Stackhouse wig, which was a little curlier than I'd have liked, but I thought it was the perfect colour and cut. This was paired with a simple black top, a blue mini skirt, black boots and over knee socks and a green trench coat.

As one final touch I added a cute toy Spider-Man (that belonged to my husband but may be living in my room now...).

Here is the final look in a few of its iterations:

My cosplay was also featured on the Women of comic book cosplay tumblr blog :)

Finally to accompany my outfit my husband CJ dressed as Peter Parker, a chap he resembles a bit anyway, but a few extra touches like a camera and press badge made it more of a costume. I'm not sure that many people knew what we were going for, but that's always an issue when you go for a more relaxed costume option in this way. I did manage to run into a sort of love rival Black Cat too, so I had to get a photo!

To finally make my day I attended the Superior Spider-Man panel with writer Dan Slott. Now this is something I didn't read, mainly because I didn't want to buy into the hype, and I was a little sad about the death of Peter Parker so I wanted to reserve judgement until I could get stuck into a TPB. I have previously enjoyed Slott's work, like Spider Island, so I was interested to hear what he said about the character.

Lets just say that after hearing him speak I am very eager to read the story. I then queued for a little while to get a signature on my copy of Spider-Island, the real icing on the cake was the warm welcome he gave me (and a hug) and he even signed our little Spider-man!!

It was a really lovely day all in all, lots of shopping, lots of comics, lots of happy memories - I love comic con!

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