Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Disney Princesses as fashion icons through the years

Just a quick post today, I've recently seen a lot of images of Disney Princess in various forms, but this one struck a chord with me as I think it is one of the greatest pieces of fan art ever!

1: This picture was made by Baelor on Deviant-art - WOW!
2: Ariel is closest to the year I was born but I prefer the clothing of Cinderella
3: How lucky was I to be young in the early 90s with all those amazing Disney princesses?

I think this image makes for great inspiration and I think one day I'd like to have a go at all of these outfits!

I hope you like the image too, check out https://www.facebook.com/bealorART for more of her pictures, they are amazing!


  1. It'd be real cool if someone did a real life lookbook of these outfits as the characters!

    1. Challenge Accepted!
      It may take me the rest of the year though... and a red wig, meh, I need one anyway.

  2. Flippin love this! We are in a Disney family in our house. Love love love! xox

    1. Isn't every family a disney family? (I'm kidding, but my family is Disney mad too!)

  3. I've seen this a few times, but I love it so much! I really like how around Rapunzel we see the slight recycle of 90's fashion!


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