Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Pin-curling and charity shopping!

Since it was the Easter holidays I have been to Brighton. I've really found myself missing Brighton since I moved back to the south. I think its because I'm so close, but 2 hours on a bus is just a bit too far for me to bother with a day trip so I'm really glad to be back for a bit.

One of the reasons I was so happy to visit again was to go shopping! During my time in Brighton I've managed to find a small selection of favourite shops that always have some good bargains. Perticular favourites include Snooper's Paradise in the North Laines and the charity shops around George street in Hove (especially Age UK and Oxfam).

This trip was not exception with some wonderful bargains to be had (thank you birthday money!)

I had also arranged with a friend to go out dancing on Monday night so I whacked up my hair in wet set pin curls to let it dry out (I also spritzed with a little setting lotion).

A few people asked me how I did this so I tried to take a picture of my hair...

I also included some pictures of how I style my hair too:
  1. Once it was dried I took the curls out - picture top left
  2. Then ran my fingers through to loosen up the curls - top right
  3. Then used a paddle brush to brush through the curls - bottom left
  4. And kept brushing until the curls smoothed out, I think added a little clip at on side - bottom right

And here is the finished look! Sorry its so yellow, the lighting in the hallway was terrible...

The dress in this picture is the Hobbs dress I got in a charity shop in Hove, it was an amazing find especially as such a flattering fit and one of my favourite colours! 

Dress: Hobbs via AgeUK
Cardigan: Monsoon sale
Scarf: Lush gift wrap
Shoes: Hotter
Glasses: Lipsy25 via eBay

 I finally think I'm getting there with this vintage setting thing, I just wish that my hair didn't fall out so quickly, but I'm looking into ways to help make it last a bit longer so watch this space!

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  1. Snoopers Paradise is one of my favourite shops! Haven't been there in ages. Loving the hair too! x


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