Thursday, 24 April 2014

Outfit of the day: Blue and yellow on a windy day

It was my birthday recently and a very well timed Monsoon sale meant that I could get my hands on a lovely tea dress for a bargain price.

This dress is a gorgeous navy crepe with a crochet neckline. Since the colour combination of choice at the moment is blue and yellow I wore the blue dress with this yellow crochet cardigan that I got in the Monsoon sale around this time last year. The neck scarf came from Lush and was wrapped around a gift once upon a time (the best kind of gift wrap).

I wore this outfit for a mini picnic near the sea front at Whitburn near-ish to my home town. It was a glorious day, but boy was it windy!

My feet look a little bit like they are buried in the grass, but look how lush it looks! I love spring, it really brings out the vibrant colours in nature.

I wouldn't say I completely hate the windswept look, however I do think it makes me look a bit like medusa...

I went for a slightly different make up look this time too - slightly more subtle with a rosy lip.

Do you like to be beside the seaside?


  1. Just love your look. I too love the luscious green grass you get when spring is in full swing. :)

  2. You look fantastic! and that view! OMG!


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