Thursday, 3 April 2014

Charity shop find: A vintage Jaeger skirt

I have been looking for a tan/camel skirt for a while. It has been a bit of a difficult one to find, I don't know why, it just seems that this is not the kind of style that has been very popular recently.

Anyhow the other day I lucked out in a charity shop while killing time waiting for the train! I came across an amazing tan Jaeger skirt in my size! Now given that the skirt is a size 16 with a 30 inch waist I would suggest that it might be from as early as the 1970s but I find it really hard to tell with styles like this. The Vintage Fashion Guild website is really helpful when dating clothing that has labels in it though -  mine definitely looks like the 1970s one.

It has a huge set of pleats with a really swingy style so I'm sure one day it will be great for dancing in :)

One thing I really love about older Jaeger is that the quality is fantastic. This one still has the original buttons and two sets of hook/eyes for fastening inside and a full lining, for which I'm grateful for as 100% wool can get a bit itchy.

I'm a little stuck in a rut at the moment though as I'm not very good at dealing with the winter-spring transition. I left home without a coat for the first time today and I was so afraid that I'd get too cold. Not that I had any problems with being too cold as the weather lately has been pretty nice.

I decided to take this transition slowly though and I teemed this skirt with a jumper from M&S that has a little bit of an 80s vibe to it biut I simply adore the sequin birds on the top of it. I also wore some blue opaque tights that I got for £1.80 in the Accessorize sale. I would highly recommend Accessorize tights, especially the opaque colours - they are simply amazing in quality and fit. They are my favourites.

Lastly came the clogs. They have been on here briefly before but they got a proper outing today. I truly believe that clogs do not need to be limited to summer, I think they look perfectly good with opaques!

Skirt: Jaeger
Jumper: M&S (via eBay)
Bag: Sue Ryder
Tights: Accessorize
Clogs: Clarks (thrifted)

My eyeliner in this post is also slightly different, I tried using a different mac gel liner. This one was blue and called waveline, but you know, its just not as good as the blacktrack, it smudges much easier and doesn't last as long. I wonder if its something to do with the blue pigment?

I'm currently trialing the collection 2000 gel eyeliner and my experience is all good so far :)

Do you have any Jaeger? Is it any good?


  1. That is such an amazing sweater! I love the color too!

  2. I was thinking about getting some collectif trousers in the herringbone. But I wanted to ask if they are comfortable in the trousers. I'm a 34" waist and a 46" hip, the sz 18 says it goes to a 46" hip. Since you own a pair, would I be able to wear them comfortably?

    1. If I'm honest with you, they are a bit neat fitting I got a size 16, but I am typically a size 14 in collectif stuff simply because I'm a bit bigger on the hip (I'm about 30 waist and 44 inch hip) so mine are a bit big on the waist but that makes them comfy on the hip and the braces keep things in check. The fabric is lovely though and they are half lined which is great. I think bases on my fit and your measurements you should be okay with a 18.

      Have you looked at vivien of holloway too? They have some great trousers and skirts too.

    2. I have thought quite a bit on vivien of holloway. I desperately want a pair of their swing jeans. I wish I was better at sewing or else I'd have made some instead. I guess it's ok to splurge now and then! :)


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