Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Thrifty Outfit: A blue monsoon floral dress and a mustard cardigan

I went charity shopping for summer dresses the other week. My excuse is that since I've gained a bit of weight I needed to buy new summer clothes, but I think that may have been just that, an excuse. But when you're on a thrifty hunt, especially at this change of season, there are lots of bargains to be had.

One such find was a lovely 50s style prom dress from Monsoon that I wanted some time ago and had just about forgotten about. I think the print on it is absolutely gorgeous so floral, but without being overly light in colour like so many summer dresses can be. The fact that is was only £5 in a charity shop was the icing on the cake!

I wore the dress with a mustard yellow cardigan that helped to pick out the yellow details on the dress print (and the daffodils!). Although I have to say that I'm not so sure about the fit of this cardigan, upon reflection, I think a more fitted shape with this dress. 

As its not quite summer yet, I chose to wear blue tights so my legs didn't get cold and I wore shoes from Hotter. Yes, Hotter, I laughed so much when I found these blue t bars, I thought finally, I'm an old lady buying comfortable shoes. But then I thought again, and remembered that I've been buying Clarks for so many years that I've been an old lady on the shoe front for a very long time.

Unsurprisingly, the shoes are super comfy and they aren't so unfashionable. In fact I think they are pretty good for a vintage inspired look.

Just to maximise the florals I also took my Yoshi satchel. I'm so obsessed with satchels. I've had this one a few years now and its lasting super well.

I also wore my current favourite pair of glasses. I've been lusting over the Lipsy25s on Tesco's opticians website ever since Retro Chick posted her review some time ago. I managed to snipe this pair and a pink pair off eBay for £15! I did have to get them reglazed with my prescription but the website perfectglasses did that for me for £7.50 and they did a perfect job!

It meant it was a bit of a faff to get hold of them, but I saved a good £70 on the glasses so I can't really complain...

...also, they're AMAZING!

Really one of the antique shops on the street at Tunbridge Wells had some large mirrors outside so I couldn't help but take a silly quick snap.

This one was rather weird as it was a long line mirror sitting on the floor. I ended up with a weird shot of my husbands and my feet.

I want to leave you with this lovely view of the road near my flat. Look at that sky!

Dress: Monsoon via Hospice in the Weald
Cardigan: Topshop via eBay 
Glasses: Lipsy via eBay/perfectglasses 
Tights:  Accessorize sale
Shoes: Hotter

Have you managed to find and summer dresses in charity shops?


  1. Definitely love this look! And I did not know that across the pond you cal t-straps t-bars. Good to know!! :)

    1. Haha! Well I call them t-bars but I think other people do too. It definitely helps when hunting for vintage things to know what other nations call things.

  2. Ugh, so jealous of the nice weather! We just some more last minute springtime snow and it has been chilly when the weekend was full of 70 degree weather. Love that you match the daffodils. :D

    1. Gosh snow!? I've never seen snow in April thank goodness. I do think that since I moved 300 miles south I have noticed how much better the weather is *phew*.

  3. Cool look, I think the cardigan's fine, you don't need something more fitted in this case.

    1. Aw thanks, for some reason I'm never sure about this cardigan...

  4. I like your glasses, and that's awesome that you got to save so much money to make them just right! And I really dig your satchel!

    1. Yeah I was so pleased that I managed to get so lucky and find the glasses I'd wanted at a bargain price :)

  5. Just discovered your blog and love it! This outfit is simple everything about it! I'm also a lover of vintage fashions; slowly trying to work more vintage and vintage inspired outfits into my wardrobe. Please come check out my blog and follow!


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