Thursday, 25 July 2013

Review: Getting Wiggy With It - With Wonderland Wigs

A little while ago I received message asking me if I would like to review* a wig from the online company Wonderland Wigs. Clearly this was an opportunity I could not pass up as wigs play important role i every fancy dressers wardrobe.

I was able to pick any wig from their site, and there is pretty much everything you could possibly want in a wig, from realistic styles and extensions to bright blue and pink numbers. The question was, what to pick?

I used to have a bit of a ritual when it comes to my hair, where I'd let it grow for a while, then get bored and get it cut short. However lately I feel pretty settled with the length, unusual I know. My husband and I first met when I was in the shoulder scraping length of the growing out phase and he keeps saying I should get it cut shorter again. But I don't want to...

This is how my hair used to look

So the decision became super obvious, I would get a short retro style wig!

I chose the 'dita' which is inspired by one of Dita Von Teese's shorter styles, I was a little reserved about choosing a wig without a fringe as the line where the wig meets the forehead can be a little strange. But what better chance to try it out than this.

The wig arrived in excellent time and well wrapped, the package even came with a lolly pop in it. I have never owned a wig cap, and Wonderland were kind enough to send me a cap in the package too although I'm not sure it was really necessary, especially since it was little more than a cut off stocking. The first challenge was tucking all my hair under the cap, something I could not manage without a the help of a few bobby pins but once it was secure I was ready to try the wig.

Sexy and I know it...

The wig was a little tricky to get into place, as most are, but once it was on and fastened (it has two little bits that clip together at the back) it seemed fairly sturdy. I gave the wig a quick brush, and it did not shed much which I think is the sign of a good quality wig, and the style fell into place perfectly.

I think had I not had a fringe the front would have sat a little better on my forehead  but I think it was only a small niggle with the wig. There was plenty of hair woven through it and I felt that the back had really good coverage too which is rare in a short style.

Overall I think the wig was pretty good, and comparable with the prices of wigs I see on eBay and the cost it is worth it for a brush-able style with good coverage. But really I'm super excited that I get to have short hair every now and again and I won't need to get it cut! Always a bonus :)

If you wanted a wig like this it costs £24.99 and it is available from Wonderland Wigs along with so many others.

Let me know if you have ever got wiggy with it!

*In exchange for a wig that was sent to me free of charge

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