Thursday, 4 July 2013

Outfit: Fossil Hunting at Robin Hood's Bay

Since everything has gone fossil and dinosaur mad at my work I decided to re-live some of my youth with a trip to Robin Hood's Bay to hunt for fossils. It's not the best place to look for fossils as the stone there is very fragile, but you can usually find small shells fossils and other things if you're lucky.

I wasn't exactle dressed super appropriately for fossil hunting, and I did spend a lot of time afraid I was going to get wet shoes, but what I did wear was a lovely 1980s floral navy tea dress I bought in a charity shop for £2.50 the previous day. It is drop waist with a belt that ties around the waist. I also wore a cardigan I got in the Monsoon sale last year. I think the salmon colour is a little odd, but it goes with a surprisingly large amount of things.

I didn't exactly have a lot of luck looking for fossils, but it was fun cracking open rocks on the beach.

To make up for the bad luck, we ventured into the Yorkshire Coast Dinosaur and Fossil Museum. Although like everything in Robin Hood's Bay it is tiny, filled with second hand books and is a little dusty. That doesn't mean that its not super interesting!

A couple of things from the museum/shop, some ammonites, the skull of a tarbosaurus, some claws (of some type of dinosaur I have forgotten) and a lot of types of precious rocks, semi precious stones and pretty jewellery.

We finished the day with some chips... naturally.

What is the best fossil you've found?


  1. I like fella m'lad's saucy 'come hither' chip face!

  2. Robin Hood Bay is so pretty. Don't particulalry like that uphill walk though! Btw, I'm likin the look of that satchel!

    1. There were people cycling up the hill when we were there. Pure insanity to attempt it on a bike! And good spot on the satchel, I've been putting it through its passes for a review soon ;)


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