Monday, 24 June 2013

Cosplay Costume: Olga Korbut and a Eurovision Party

At the end of May there was the Euravision Song contest. This is one of my favourite events to get together with friends, drinks and a weird mixture of mishmashed Europiean food. It was no different this year and some of my friends had a Eurovision party where we watched the show, laughed at the terrible music and drank a shot if your allocated country was given 12 points.

Everyone that attended was allocated a country and you were required to wear a themed costume for that country and bring some kind of related dish for everyone to eat.

It all sounds like a great plan, however... my country was Belarus. Not to sound too ignorant, but blimey, aside from being former USSR I had no idea how to put together a costume for this! Fortunately for me Wikipedia saved the day (as always).

I turns out that the super famous Russian gymnast Olga Korbut was Belarusian (Belarus was part if the Soviet republic back in 1972)! Even better than that is that she comes with a signature hairstyle, outfit and accomplishments - perfect for a fancy dress costume.

The gymnast Olga was very well known for her bunches and white and red leotards. Also a little for her gold medal I'd say.

I decided to attempt this look and put bunches in my hair.

I sewed a red trim onto a white long sleeved top and I sewed strips of red fabric together to make the ribbons for a medal and for the bunches. I didn't really want to wear a full on leotard though so I wore some red shorts over the top.

Overall I'm not sure it is my greatest costuming achievement, but oh well I tried.

Have you ever been really stumped by a fancy dress theme?


  1. Super costume. Well done, I would have been scuppered with Belarus!

  2. Thanks! I completely owe my inspiration to Wikipedia...


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