Thursday, 18 July 2013

My first wrap dress... for a very long time

Wow what a heatwave we seem to be having!

I hope you are all enjoying the warm weather and I hope it continues for a little while longer at least. It can make up for all that rain last year around this time.

Anywho, I went down south for a training day at my new job and I stopped off briefly at Brighton to catch up with a few friends. During the visit I decided to wear a wrap dress, which was possibly not the greatest choice as Brighton tends to be notoriously windy, especially by the beach.

The dress itself was bought from a charity shop and is probably from the 1980s based on the bright colours and styling. It is the first wrap dress I have bought in a very long time as I tend to find them a bit difficult to wear, they don't usually fit right around the bust and the waist, but I made an exception for this one as it seemed to hang quite well. It has a 50s style collar and is sleeveless so it is perfect for summer.

I decided to team it with a red cardigan and ballet pumps - both from M&S.

Oh yes, and that is the lovely Brighton Pavilion behind me!

...and finally
I also got a leopard print box-pleated midi skirt from a charity shop. The skirt wasn't so great but I liked the fabric and there was tonnes of it so I decided to cut it up and make it into a dress. I havent has a lot of time for sewing lately, but I did take a picture of the cut out pieces so that you could see the fabric. I'll post the finished thing eventually when I get it done.

Until then

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