Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Dress of Unknown Origins

A little outfit post today. After a bit of charity shop racking I found this dress in Oxfam, it cost the grand total of £4 and has a lovely red print on a white background. The thing is, it has no size, no tags at all and no signs of where one may have been take out, which makes me wonder, was it hand made?

It is really difficult to date too as it has no zip or labels just the little buttons on the front, it feels like a cotton fabric though, if that makes much difference.

Yes that is my cat photo-bombing me.
 I teamed the dress with a red thin belt to give a bit of contrast at the waist and  pair of Swedish Clogs. I can't believe how long it took me to discover that this type of shoe exists, they are simply gorgeous and they have orthopaedic soles which is really important for me and my rubbish joints.

Lastly I also wore the Dita wig that I mentioned in an earlier post to at a bit of glamour and added a pair of 50s style sunnies from Accessorize that I got a few years ago.

Have you seen a dress like this? Can you make a guess of where its from or who it might have been made by? I'd love to know!

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