Thursday, 7 May 2015

Going for the chop: Lets talk about hair...

Just a quick post today. I've been trying hard with my hair lately, trying to learn more styles practising and improving the styles I know. Which has lead to a few good hair days.

For example this one (excuse the coat hanger). Where I backcombed and teased my victory rolls for the first time. Would you also believe I slept in this style and woke up in the morning looking like this?

Or there was the time I learnt to brush out my hair properly by using a proper large paddle brush (thanks to this tutorial).

 Glasses from SpecsPost by the way.

The only problem is that on lazy days when I didn't style my hair, it looked more like this:


This is what I can best describe as a frizz bomb. It was really unfortunate that the leftover perm from over a year ago had taken its toll. The thing with perms is that you need to do regular intensive conditioning and to have it re-permed, which I did not.

So I decided to chop all of that damage off. I had a pretty drastic cut, adding layering, shortening and new colour that is much closer to my natural colour.

Now styling has been fun with this new do, at one point I ended up looking quite a bit like Moss from the IT Crowd...
But I am pretty confident that I have got the hang of styling it now :) I am really enjoying how easy it is to set too as there is so much less of it! I'm starting to feel a little more like Betty Draper than a frizzy lion.

So I will have to give the complex up-dos a miss for a little while but at the moment I am totally not missing them. Several people at work have even told me that I look like Snow White :)


  1. You suit your short hair so much! That's pretty similar to mt length just now - I shaved it off a couple of years ago and I still cannot get the hang of curling it :( teach me your ways! Haha x

    1. Haha, I always forget about your real hair as I tend to think of you wearing fab wigs! I am planning on doing a curling tutorial for my blog fairly soon-ish so I will share my ways then. There are a few really great tutorials on youtube though.

  2. So pretty! I just bought a paddle brush and have been slowly trying to master it to smooth out my hair. Humidity and my hair do not play nice.

    1. Oh the humidity! I remember that well from childhood holidays to Florida. One thing I have found works well is a tiny bit of pomade or styling wax used with the brush out it really helps smooth things over and helps keep it smooth! That and a nourishing oil.


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