Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A trip to Northumberland

It was spring break recently and I took a bit of time off to visit home and a little bit further north too. My family rented a holiday cottage on the Northumberland coast at Bamburgh and my husband and I went to spend the Easter break there too.

Northumberland is such a beautiful part of the country and I am really pleased to say that I recently secured a new job up there and will be moving to the North coast in the Summer. I'm so happy to be returning home, not that I haven't had a lot of fun in the South, but this last year in particular I have missed home so much that I knew I needed to go back (and I thank my lucky stars that my husband feels the same way).

Who wouldn't want to live in the same county as this after all:

The weather leading up to the trip was not exactly spring like so I packed sensible warm clothes. I never expected the weather to come out as well as it did.

The first day was a bit drizzly so my Collectif rain mac (the 3rd of the coats I bought in the sale) came in very handy for a walk on the beach.

That's Bamburgh castle in the background.

I this picture sums up my husband and I so perfectly. Walking along the beach on a dingy evening, wearing totally inappropriate shoes ;)

I also couldn't resist having a go on the big swing!

But then the weather changed, and it was very different. Bright and sunny and... warm even! I feel like I have been in this uber long mild winter so to get some warm sunshine was completely unexpected.

Here is me next to Dunstanburgh castle after a long walk along the nearby bay. It was such a beautiful day I felt like I was in another country.

And back on the beach at sunset.

We also went on a boat trip to the Farne Islands and we saw Grace Darling's lighthouse and a lot of seals.

This is my favourite photo I took on the trip:

This seal was so angry at my Dad for coming to close to it.

We also went to Holy Island on Easter Sunday and again, the weather was beautiful:

And there were birds, lots of birds... including a cute mallard couple. I had no idea that mallards could live by salt water, but I guess this proves it!

I also took one of my favourite vintage dresses with me a nice green floral number that I got in Pickering a few years ago and I found that is is super versatile. It even went with walking boots ;) 

I had a lovely week I really didn't want it to end. 

Did you do anything nice for spring break?

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  1. That first photo is breathtaking and you look amazing!


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