Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sailor Neptune Cosplay

Okay everyone, long time no blog, I've been insanely busy in the last 2 weekend I have such a blogging backlog! I have 7 costume posts to do as well as quite a few vintage repro item posts so you'll be seeing a lot of me :)

So at MCM Expo a few weeks ago I wore my Sailor Neptune costume. This costume came from Cosplay Sky (as I reviewed it for them), but I did modify quite a bit of it. You can see more about my thoughts on the costume and how I modified it in this post.

I really couldn't resist some really cheesy photoshop. My favourite parts of Sailor Moon were always the attack and transformation animations so I loved the idea of combining the photographs with some of the anime graphics.

Although my skills at photoshop are somewhat substandard...

In the end I was really pleased with how the costume turned out, I thought it fit really well and was pretty accurate after I made the modifications to the bows.

I was actually really surprised by how well the mirror matched the costume. Craft foam isn't a perfect medium and now I've started working with Worbla I would consider making it from that but I thought on the whole the effect was okay (assuming you didn't get too close).

Mind you, I still can't believe I managed to find an old mirror with a design so close to Michiru's! I wonder if the deco lady was actually a really common design that inspired Naoko Takenuchi when coming up with the design for the Aqua Mirror. Who knows, but what a lucky eBay find! 

Ad for the wig, I bought it off eBay. It wasn't super expensive, but it wasn't exactly cheap and when it first arrived I was very unhappy with it. However I worked on styling it quite carefully and I found that it was actually the perfect shape for Michiru. I did have to trim quite a bit off the bottom of the wig as it was waaaaaay to long but that was easily fixed.

The tiara I wore for these pictures was made out of Worbla. It was a bit of a last minute crafting session, but I felt that the more rigid structure made it look better with the rest of the costume.

Oh and here are the non-photoshopped pictures from above. Just in case.

And of course, the gratuitous back shot. Its not very flattering, but I thought it was worth it so you could see how awesome the back of the wig was.

And of course in true anime style, here is a goofy picture of me doing an anime pose >.<

Are you a fan of Sailor Moon? Have you been watching Sailor Moon Crystal? I have and I think its brilliant. It has really re-ignited my enthusiasm for sailor moon.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!! I'm really happy with how it turned out :)

  2. You look great! That wig is perfection.

    1. The wig may be the best bit in the end. Totally worth the extra £10!

  3. You did a great job styling that wig! You looked amazing when I saw you too :)

    1. Thank you :) Good to know I looked good standing in a queue, haha!!!

  4. You look fantastic! And YES! I'm enjoying Sailor Moon Crystal!


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