Monday, 17 November 2014

Wednesday Addams at Beamish

Blimey I am sooooooo far behind on blog posts! I've been so busy I can't even believe it. But I though it was about time I posted some of the photographs from my little excursion to Beamish at Halloween.

Beamish is such a great place! It is full of historical buildings, people in costumes and ways to role play at going shopping in the 1900s. I went on school trips there when I was a kid and I have very fond memories of those visits.

During my trip home for the holidays Beamish was having some special late night openings where you could dress up and visit the attractions in the dark as well as see the place decked out in spooky decorations.

I needed a light and easy costume to wear as I was travelling light so I opted for Wednesday Addams. All I needed was a black dress with a white peter pan style collar and a black wig that I could plait. Some pale makeup and a black lip completed the look.

I was really grateful for the black coat with its big shawl collar, it really kept me warm during the night.

I really enjoyed getting to see the old fashioned town all lit up in the dark. It looked amazing! And riding the trams in the dark through the fields was a awesome mix of scary and fun.

The staff there were brilliant, they really went all out to decorate all of the areas and to play their spooky parts in the different shops and houses.

I loved the printer that photo-bombed our picture (this is me, my dad and my husband)!  

It was such hard work to keep my serious Wednesday Addams face going throughout the night.

When I was a kid, one of my favourite things about Beamish was the old fashioned sweet shoppe. What was really amazing was that they were hand making toffee apples especially for the occasion. They really looked like something out of Snow White all red and shiny like that. Yummy.

And here is my husband dressed like H. P. Lovecraft while eating a toffee apple...

 Mind you, speaking of tasty treats they had some safe to eat creepy crawlies to try. They had worms  and locusts among other things and while my dad crunched his way through various things it took all my courage to try a mealworm (it had a pretty nutty flavour). Ewwww!

aaaaaaaaand..... I couldn't resist taking a moody photo in the grave yard:

 In one of the sections they also had some live owls for you to meet and greet. This one was a 2 year old screeching owl from the tropics, although I have forgotten his name :(

They were so cute!!!

 So the dress I wore was a vintage late 50s early 60s dress with a pleated skirt and peter pan collar. I got it off eBay a few months ago for only £14.00. It is such a versatile dress and it is especially good for costumes. Its definitely one of my favourites, it fits like a dream and I really love the subtle print design to it.

The wig was a long black wig that came of ebay, it was around £12 from China and does actually have a fringe but I pinned that out of the way for Wednesday, although this was not ideal.

Dress: Vintage 50s/60s
Wig: ebay via China
Tights: Atmosphere
Shoes: Doc Martens

Last but not least I couldn't help but want to take a Halloween picture with my black cat Chloe.

Beamish are also doing some Christmas evening special events. I really wish I could go as I enjoyed this one so much, but I live too far away :(

Do you have any exciting plans for Christmas?


  1. Hey, you're alive! :P This looks so awesome and you make a great Wednesday. :)

    1. Yes I am alive, I feel like I've been away from blogging for such a long time. But that does mean I have a lot to catch up on, and I have lots of adventures to share!


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