Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A green 1970s skirt for £1

Apologies in advance, my husband is away so I have no one to take my pictures :( So as a result this post consists entirely of selfies. Are they still selfies if you take them in a mirror?

Anywho, I really wanted to share something today as I am feeling rather proud of myself. At the end of August I made a decision to make some lifestyle choices to try and change my health/fitness and confidence. I've since lost about a stone, and plan to lose some more weight as I continue to improve myself.

When I bought this skirt I couldn't even get it done up. I saw it on a £1 rail in a charity shop and I decided to buy it anyway as you don't often see turquoise skirts, and especially not vintage ones. This one is early 70s and it now fits like a dream. Which is amazing. Especially given my stupid 13.5 inch waist/hip difference.

The blouse is very sweet and came from Monsoon in the sale some time ago. Its not often that you get a white blouse with green highlights so I couldn't help feel that it was made to go with this skirt.

The cardigan is a wool number form the 1980s (you can tell from the gold buttons) but I felt that it complimented the green of the skirt wonderfully.

And without cardigan.

I also felt that I should show you my hair, it is a double flat victory roll with an asymetric parting. I added flowers to the side to balance the look and brushed out the curls at the back to get a wave the the bottom of my hair but a smooth finish.

My hair is getting quite long again now. I think the longest parts are around the ideal length now, but still waiting for the fringe to grow...

Skirt: Vintage
Cardigan: Vintage
Blouse: Monsoon

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