Thursday, 11 September 2014

Laura Ashley nautical themed beach hut dress and some car booty

You know when you see something you really like, and then in an instant it is gone? I had that experience with this dress.

After something like that I typically resort to ebay's 'saved search' function in the hope that one day it will pop up, and you know what? It usually does as long as the item is not from too long ago.

Part of the reason I loved this dress so much was because the beach hut print reminded me of Brighton and the blue, red and white are some of my go to colours so I felt that it I was meant to have it. And I'm a total sucker for anything nautical...

I matched the dress with a red cardigan, sunglasses and a pair of clogs from Lotta from Stockholm.

And without the cardigan...

I wore this outfit to a car boot sale to go for a rummage and these pictures were taken after so my hair is what can best be described as 'all over the shop'.

I had a pretty good haul at the car boot, I got a load of buttons for dressmaking, they only cost £3 for all of them which is considerably cheaper than buying them new.

I also got a vintage Kigu compact, a pearl necklace, an early plastics bead necklace and a bangle that looks a little like bakelite to me so I need to investigate it more...

...and I also got a full skirted coat for 50p!

Have you ever been to a car boot sale? Did you find any bargains?


  1. That dress is so pretty I can't stand it and you look beautiful! The coat is DIVINE xx

  2. Such a cute outfit! And that coat is gorgeous!

  3. Thanks for your comments :) I took a bit of a gamble hoping the coat would fit, but for 50p I couldn't refuse!!


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