Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A vintage print skirt

Okay so one bored day I turned to Buzzfeed and came across this list of best Disney outfits and I noticed that there was sooooooo much Frozen in the top 20. I honestly can't say I'm surprised I really like the look of the folk dresses with so much embroidery and stripes and gold trim and petticoats. Its just too much amazingness!

So today I have yet another skirt that reminds me of Princess Anna from Frozen. Mostly its the vertical stripe and floral print although it is in quite summary colours, something you  would not see in Arendelle.

I absolutely love the volume of this skirt, it has a small slip built in with the lace around the bottom to give it extra oomph and make it look that bit extra Disney princess.

For my hair I managed to tuck all my fringe into the hair roll although it did make it a bit poofy. But I thought it suited this look quite well.

Do you have any outfits that make you feel like a Disney Princess?

Outfit details:
Hat: Vintage via ebay
1960s Necklace: Vintage fair
Blouse: Boden via charity shop
Skirt: Vintage via ebay
Bag: Vintage via Sue Ryder


  1. I will hopefully soon - I'm thinking of making a mermaid tail for Izzy's birthday party. It's themed: Under the Sea. Wish me luck!

    1. I saw a bit of it on facebook, I can't wait to see it. Are you still hand sewing?!

  2. Very cute! I love your cheetah print shoes :)


    1. I love them too, although I almost wear them for 2 whole summers and they are starting to fall to bits :(

  3. Not sure if my comment took, so here it is again...

    I have this pretty blue sundress that reminds me of Belle's blue dress in Beauty in the Beast. :-)

    1. AW! I love that dress! You'll need to share a picture!


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