Sunday, 23 March 2014

Outfit of the day: Pink in Brighton

The other week I had a flying visit to Brighton and decided to do a quick outfit post. I totally overshot the number of layers I was wearing as it ended up being no where near as cold as I had expected so I had to carry my beautiful vintage coat for a large portion of the day.

Anywho, as I was in Brighton, I decided to experiment with a colour I rarely ever wear. Pink.

I've had this skirt a little while, it came form Monsoon during the sale around 4 years ago when that folk look was all-the-rage-but-never-actually-the-rage.

I paired the skirt with a very pink jumper. Now this jumper wound up in my possession by mistake as it was listed on eBay as crimson, and my understanding of crimson was something a much deeper and darker colour than this. But unfortunately that is the colour it said on the label so I was stuck with it, so why not try it out right?

If I'm completely honest I'm still not sure about it...

I do adore my 80s across body bag, it is just the right size and so sturdy and well made! Its my go-to bag when I don't have much to carry.

I also had an amazing eBay find where I got 16 enamel bangles for 99p! In loads of different colours. They may not be bakelite, but they're good enough for me!

Here is my black vintage coat that I had to very swiftly remove once the sun came out...

Now my hair is a touch dishevelled in this pic but those curls lasted all day and I was really pleased with the shape of the set. I suppose you get the idea. This set was done with 25 flat pin curls, which seems a little excessive, but I really love the shape it gives and I really do think it gives the curl more longevity.

Skirt: Monsoon
Blouse: Monsoon
Jumper: M&S
Scarf: Thrifted
Coat: Vintage thrifted
Bangles: eBay
Boots: Clarks

What do you think then?

Pink jumper, yey or ney?


  1. I love the pink jumper! I think it's gorgeous:)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It did get a bit windswept...

  3. Wonderful outfit and what a great coat.

    1. A coat compliment from you always means a lot!

  4. Such fantastic style! Loving the 80's bag!
    ~Joie Fatale

    1. With the colours and the boots, the whole outfit ended up with a bit of an 80s vibe :S


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