Sunday, 9 March 2014

OOTD: A post about a hound's tooth coat

Disclaimer: This post happened on a very bad hair day. Please don't judge me.

Naturally the best plan hide and cover a bad hair day is to wear a lovely hat. 


This hat is a beret shape with a gorgeous pattern, it is from Cath Kidston's last season and I got it in the sale a few weeks ago. I think it's rare to find a hat like this that also has a good lining, so that combined with the really cute pattern and I was completely helpless to resist its charms. Especially at £10.

This post however is where I want to showcase this coat:


It's a camel and blue/grey hounds tooth weave in what I think is wool (or maybe a synthetic wool mix). And it came from eBay for £4.99!! What a bargain!

But what is really cool about this coat is that it is beautifully home made. There are no labels and you can see around the seams where it has been HAND SEWN together. I mean, hand sewn, that must have taken ages! I do have the feeling that some of the stitches will need re-enforcing with regular wear but that shouldn't be too difficult, I just need to get a stronger set of needles.

I think the colours have a lovely 60s 70s vibe so (although I have no idea when this is from due to the lack of labels but I think somewhere between 60s and 80s but that's as good as my estimation gets) to go with this I did a light 60s inspired make up with eyeliner and pale pink lipstick. This one was from collection 2000 and is part of the Deluxe range and the colour is called Talullah. Its a pretty nice colour, but it does need blotting very heavily.

Underneath I wore a 1960s inspired large lace floral dress from Monsoon, I adore this dress, and I featured it before in this post here.

Finally you may have spotted that these pictures were taken in a park. What was I doing in the park? Going for a swing. You have no idea how hard it is to get a non-terrible swing picture, especially with a shoddy camera phone, as its getting dark.

Coat: Home made vintage via eBay
Scarf and gloves: Accessorize
Hat: Cath Kidston
Bag: Vintage thrifted
Boots: Clarks via eBay
Dress: Monsoon
Lond sleeved t shirt Primark

Anywho, that's it for now, I'll make sure it doesn't take quite such a long time for an update next time!


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