Saturday, 15 March 2014

Casual Cosplay: Frozen, the cold never bothered me anyway...

And now its time for the second instalment of my frozen double bill.

After that amazing effort by Liz to make a costume for her daughter (see more on that here), I was inspired to have a go at a frozen inspired look. I didn't go into full cosplay mode, but rather picked outfit parts that I felt were part inspired by the films signature style. I call it Casual Cosplay.

Of course let me start off by saying I am far more of an Anna than an Elsa and as such I tried to dress accordingly.

I actually started with the hair. I felt like after spending the pervious day with a double Dorothy plait (more on that later) I thought I'd have a go at Anna's up do from the coronation party act.

I'd like to add first that it was way more difficult than is realised and my hair would not play ball. I think I've gotten used to styling a certain way and now anything else seems impossible. The biggest issue was that it was simply too short for the back section to work properly, but oh well, I made do. Let's just say my husband was hysterical at the faces I pulled while trying to do this particular hair style - here are some of them:

I separated it into sections making sure to leave enough for the plait. I then plaited the top bit and pinned it under a high pony that I made into a bun using a hair doughnut. Anna's hair is more complicated than that at the back but mine was way to short to cope with anything more than a bun.

In terms of rating I'd say it was satisfactory, but requires improvement.

As for the rest of the costumes, I loved the folky themes of the heavy skirts with stripe and print details and I adore the light blue/green/pink/black colour palate. Here are a few examples:

Signature costumes:
Image from KidzWorld

Coronation costumes:
Image from Disney Wikia

The outfit I went with was very blue overall. I have a folk style vintage skirt in blue and black with a lovely embroidered stripe that really fits in with the Scandinavian and Nordic feel of the films.  In fact, had it been green, I think it would have been quite like Anna's skirt.

Of course I needed a cape too! And my vintage cape in blue was a perfect choice as the colour matched so well.

I think the overall look was okay-ish, although perhaps not the combination I would usually put together all at once...

Skirt: Vintage shop in York
Cape: Sue Ryder York
Boots: Clarks
Blouse: Monsoon (thrifted)
Pearls: Thrifted
Suede gloves: Accessorize (thrifted)

What do you think of my frozen style look?

Have you tried to dress a bit like Elsa or Anna?



  1. Great look! That cape is just so gorgeous.

    1. I know! I love a vintage cape, they are so pretty, but still make me feel like a super hero! Its the best of both worlds.


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