Thursday, 8 August 2013

Green Floral Vintage Dress Part II - Fountains Abbey

This is a little post where I just wanted to share a few pictures of one of my favourite vintage dresses (again). We took a little detour on the way beck from Leyburn a few weeks ago and visited Fountains Abbey it was a weird mix of sunshine and rain so I took the chance to snap a few pictures.

I do like taking trips to National Trust places but this time I didn't go into the Abbey area this day as it was late and I didn't think I would get my moneys worth by going in (although I have been before and would totally recommend it), but there is a very large park area that is free to visit and frolic in.

This is outside the main deer park entrance to the area it has a lovely lake with lots of ducks (and lots of duck poo!)

Fountains Abbey is a strange sort of place with lots of huge trees which are fun for climbing on, but I was worried about climbing in my wedges and a vintage dress...

What is your favourite place for a day trip? Can you recommend any in Sussex and Kent?


  1. Sissinghurst gardens are lovely. I think Leeds Castle has a maze. or it might be Hever Castle. It's good fun wherever it is!

    1. Ooooh, thank you! I will look those up :) I'm going to be asking you ALL the Kent questions.


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