Saturday, 31 August 2013

Why are red vintage skirts so hard to find? Oh and Bettie Bangs again... yes I'm obsessed.

I have been on the look out for a good red skirt for a while. I knew I wanted it to be a bit floral but not too garish which is a combination that can be difficult to get right. Furthermore, I wanted it to sit just below the knee... and I wanted it to be a soft and reasonably floaty fabric. Not pleated. With a fitted waist. It didn't even have to be vintage. Right.

While I always love a good charity rummage I found hunting for a skirt like this to be very difficult! My observation seems to be that lots of charity shops have a huge number of blouses, a fair few dresses and not very many skirts, let alone vintage ones. I'm not sure if people just didn't wear skirts as often back then, or if maybe they wore them more so they don't last as long... who knows. If you can shed any light on that I'd love to know.

Anywho, what I did eventually find after a lot of browsing on eBay was this lovely little number:

Which was basically everything I was looking for :) I'm not sure what brand it is or even fabric it is as it has not labels but I didn't care. Its perfect! Even better - it only cost £4.

Skirt - eBay unknown brand
Blouse - Primark
Shoes - Lotta from Stockholm
Hairband - Accessorize
Belt - Charity Shop
Sunglasses - North Laines Brighton

Now you might have also notices that I've had a bit of a trim. My fringe was getting a bit unruly again so I bought some hairdressing scissors from Boots and decided to do it properly. I have been trying to decide whether to go for the blunter shorter cut Bettie Bang lately and doing a quick search for Bettie Page gave me a few ideas.

Bettie Page's hair was probably her most iconic feature but I have to say sometimes it did look a bit wild, it have me hope that it might be more of a style I could be manage. I've popped a few images on here to show where some of my inspiration came from. I particularly like the ponytail variant! The bottom right is from the biopic film The Notorious Bettie Page which is really worth checking out as it is very good.

...and here is my hair!

I don't think I did a bad job although the cut needs to relax a little bit and I LOVE the fact that it will take that little bit of extra time before it gets too long again :)

In other news I have began plotting costumes for London's MCM Expo in October, I can't wait to get my hands on my sewing machine to get going with that ;)

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  1. I'm always lucky with skirts in certain shops ... But not others. How odd! I suspect like today's black trousers people wore skirts out then used them for dusters! Whereas dresses were smarter so perhaps not worn ragged. Also as they're simpler to make than a dress, my gran could whip one up in an hour, so again not a disaster if they wore out.


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