Thursday, 6 December 2012

Vintage Outfit: A Gorgeous 1960s Swing Coat

Hey there everyone,

This post features another gem i acquired courtesy of my grandmother. She was clearly a very stylish lady back in the day, it makes me sad that so little of her wardrobe remains now but if there was I would probably be suffering with guilt from wanting to steal it all...

Anywho, I was raiding the wardrobe, as usual, and came across this beautiful coat! It was bought and worn for my Dad's christening in 1962 and now I can wear it 50 years later. Personally I think that's amazing!

The fit was slightly too big so I altered the buttons to reduce the size slightly but as the style of the coat is an A-line swing coat so it is meant to be quite baggy around the waist and hips. Its not the fit that I am used to but its very pretty and a lovely colour.

It is a really gorgeous coat with an amazing feature collar that can be worn in two ways either flat or turned over as a cowel neck.

I teamed the coat with some red leather gloves and a black satchel for my walk into town.

If you're interested in what I wore under the coat it was a black midi skirt with a red paisley design with a red blouse and a mock aran cardigan. Sorry my hair is so dishevelled at this point - it was rather windy on the way back from town.

Coat - Vintage 1960s
Skirt - Jane Norman via eBay
Blouse - Next via thrift shop
Cardigan - Primark
Boots - Clarks Sale


  1. That is so awesome that you are able to wear and appreciate your grandmothers coat. It looks to be in fantastic condition. Lovely!

  2. such an incredible coat. i love everything about it.


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