Saturday, 29 December 2012

Happy Holidays! Christmas at the Fancy Dresscapade House

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a good holiday season.

For me its been a bit of a quiet one, my first married Christmas (that I unfortunately had to spend away from my husband), my first Christmas with only two grandparents and my first proper working Christmas. I was lucky to get Christmas day itself off and decided to dress for the occasion.

I wore a red dress from Laura Ashley, I've had this a few years now and I'm glad that the diet finally needs I need a belt to pull it in around the waist :)

My hair was somewhat dirty, from three long shifts the days before, but dirty hair allows for some interesting hair sculpting. I tried my hand at doing three large hair rolls right on the top of my head - somewhat inspired by Angel Adoree of the Vintage Patisserie, but I'm not sure I got the placement of that middle roll quite right.

Ah well, more practice practice!

One of my gifts this year was a lovely faux fur hat and collar set, I was really pleased with this as it will add a snuggly vintage touch to all my coats! (Sadly my hair was too big to try the hat on...).

One of my favourite parts, along with I imagine everyone else, of Christmas day is the meal. My family are quite relaxed about such things as we all like to cook so our tactic is to assign a few tasks to each member and share the load. It generally works quite well, although there are the very occasional moments where too many cooks spoil the broth rings true.

One of my main jobs was to make the Yorkshire puddings. I use a family secret recipe from my Grandad and it works every time (and yes, my apron has cupcakes on it...).

One last thing i that I am very grateful to Mr Fancy for getting me a 3DSXL for Christmas (especially since it has Pikachu on it!) But one of the fun things about a 3DS is that you get to style a game avatar to look like you. Here is mine, and the one I made for Mr Fancy:

Its not really the most accurate representation of my I could have made, but you get the idea...

How way your Christmas?


  1. Aw it looks like you had a lovely christmas! I am absolutely in love with your dress!
    Love Jess

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  2. You look fabulous! i can never be arsed to make a fuss on xmas day :o

  3. I love the dress and your hair looks amazing! xx

  4. you look fabulous! the hair is amazing XD xx


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