Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Wedding Planning: Scenes From An Impending Marriage

Last weekend my fiancé surprised me with a package from Amazon – and it made me smile so much that I thought I’d share!

A few of you may know that I am planning a wedding and I’m sure any of you that have planned or are in the process of planning a wedding will be aware; it can be a stressful business.

This little Amazon package contained a book: ‘Scenes From an Impending Marriage’ by cartoonist Adrian Tomine.

This is a small book, roughly 5 inches square, and around 40 pages in length. It is comprised of short comic strips featuring conversations and actions that occurred before the authors wedding. Running through events such as choosing a DJ, keeping both family traditions alive and trying to please everyone on the guest list.

I believe it was published as a wedding favour for guests and certainly pokes fun at the whole process of wedding planning.

It is the kind of book that when you read it you think – ‘Oh my gosh! That’s just like us!’

I won’t go into too much detail of the stories, but it manages to remain sweet and poignant and is really worth a read if you need to let off some steam during your wedding planning. 

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