Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cosplay Inspirations: Ms Marvel

In a months time on the 25th-26th of February I’ll be reporting for Den of Geek from London Super Comic Con!

Alongside queuing to get my comics signed by some of the UK and US’ leading writers and artists - including Stan Lee!!! I’ll also be taking pictures, watching panels and dressing as Ms. Marvel.
Ms. Marvel as drawn by Sana Takeda
This was an interesting choice for me. Ms. Marvel is one of the few Marvel books I have read and I really love the art of Sana Takeda on the late runs of her more recent outing.

Plus I already had the blonde wig so that went some way to help make the decision for me. 

This is the closest I have come in a while to vastly modifying a costume, and will require sewing a lightning bolt on to a black t-shirt and making the red sash for my waist.

I’ll post photos of the progress nearer the time.

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