Friday, 25 July 2014

Thrifty Outfit: A Splash of Colour on a Rainy Day

In amongst the scorching days we've had in Tunbridge Wells so far this summer there have also been a few really hellish thunder storms. 

Since its not cold but it is rainy a light rain coat is a must for this time of year. Now rain macs come in all shapes and sizes but my favourite one for brightening up a rainy day at the moment is this blue number from M&S.

I believe this coat is Limited Collection from a few years back and I got it in a second hand shop for under £10 (just). Its shower proof, lined and it has a hood. I think its a slightly too bright colour, but I find that it goes with so many different colours (red/yellow/green/black) that it really isn't a problem.

The jumper was bought online and has a lovely bit of beadwork around the neck. The skirt if old St. Michael stock and is the best shade of green.

Obligatory I'm wearing a hood shot:

Rain Coat: M&S via eBay
Jumper: Unknown via eBay
Skirt: St. Michael via charity shop
Shoes: Clarks

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