Friday, 1 August 2014

Specspost kitten glasses and a thrifty vintage skirt

In a not too distant past I managed to sneak away from work right on finishing time and with the extra hour or so I gained, I decided to go for a search around the local charity shops (since I don't work in the same town as where I live).

One of my favourite shops is Hospice in the Weald as it usually has a god mix of clothing including some vintagey items (although what and when from can vary wildly) and they will almost certainly have a selection of St. Michael somewhere in there.

One such St. Michael find was actually hidden in their £1 sale rail (yet another reason I love it!).

Based on the sizing and label I thing it is early 80s and it is in a really vibrant red-burgundy colour. It is quite a think fabric but has lots of movement and it quite breathable so it's great on a hot day.

Dare I also admit that it has some elastic at the back of the waist? Well it does, although the front is pleated with a lovely gathered detail so I felt like I could embrace to comfort factor... and cover the elastic with a belt ;) 

The blouse I'm wearing also came from the £1 rail, and I don't think its vintage, just 'granny style' (not that there is anything wrong with that.

Possibly best of all however is that the skirt has pockets. I sort of believe that every garment that covers the lower half of the body should have pockets, they are just so useful!

Last but not least comes my glasses. These glasses came from Specspost* and they are their new kitten style.

I was instantly drawn to these kitten glasses for their cats eye shape and their oversize. I have to say I'm a huge fan of the oversize glasses look and I like it when the frames are big enough that they don't get in the way of your peripheral vision.

They were comfortable to wear and a good combination of just sturdy enough while still being really light weight for such large glasses.

I do think they would be EXCELLENT sunglasses...

I actually can't find fault with Specs post. Their service is excellent and the glasses are great value for money these glasses are just £25.99 (including prescription lenses!) and they are currently having a sale with lots of reduced glasses - totally worth a look if you're thinking about new glasses.

Outfit details:
Skirt: Vintage St. Michael
Blouse: Bon Marche via charity shop
Belt: Primark
Beads: Vintage
Glasses: Specspost

*The glasses were sent to me free of charge.


  1. Super cute look! Red and white are beautiful combinations for you. This is amazing you were able to find such a nice blouse at such a cheap price. Granny style pays off...doesn't it?:)

    1. Thanks a lot :) My mum always said that I should wear red. I'm starting to thing she might have been right. I have to admit I was a little hesitant about the blouse to start with as I've not worn something that shape before, but I really loved the embroidery on the collar and pocket. I'm glad I took the risk (not that it was much of a risk for £1 though!).

  2. I love this outfit! Those glasses are probably my favorite part, they look SO good on you :)


    1. Thanks a lot, I have a really inappropriate love for giant glasses...

  3. Great outfit! Skirts and dresses with pockets are the best and I'm always so excited to find ones in my size at thrift shops (they're hard to find around here!).

    1. I love anything with pockets, but dresses are my absolute favourite. Mind you, now that I'm getting a bit better at sewing, I'm starting to think I can add them anyway...


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