Saturday, 5 July 2014

Comics Unmasked at the British Library and a Vintage Dress

Why hello everyone! Last weekend I went to the Comics Unmasked exhibition at the British Library. It was a really interesting exhibition that covered so many aspects of comic book culture that are still contentious issues today and showed rather excellently how much influence British writers and artists had on comic book culture.

We spent about two hours in the exhibition, which I think is actually quite a lot, and they had comics from victorian era right through to modern ones from this year. My favourite part was seeing original pages of artwork full constructed, in some cased you can see where the sketch lines are and when tip-ex was used to remove errors and to highlight. One thing I learned was that in many cased the text bubbles were stuck directly over the panels in the old fashioned way. I thought they were amazing. Sadly photography wasn't allowed.

They were selling a whole load of really cool merchandise, from comic books to notebooks and buttons:

Since the weather's been so nice lately I decided to wear a sleeveless vintage dress. I love the mix of colours on this, I think its 80s (based largely on the colour) but I do think it fits quite well with a rockabilly style look. So that's how I wore it.

I added a wide cinch belt, matching red ballet pumps and cats eye glasses. One of my favourite accessories at the moment is my moonglow necklace, I've become a bit obsessed with retro and vintage plastic jewellery so finding a super shiny red necklace was a total winner.

To go with the dress I put the hair in a bumper bang. If I'm honest I am amazed by how neat I managed to get it - that pretty much never happens!

Sunglasses: North Laines Brighton
Necklace: Vintage/Thrifted
Shoes: M&S
Belt: Primark
Scarf: Vintage

What do you think of the outfit combo? I wonder if I would make a good comic book character?

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